Injection Moulding Machines

Introduced in 2018, the FT Series is the general purpose injection moulding machine that provides a budget solution for your needs. The FT Series starts from 110 Ton upto 1100 Ton.

clamping unit

Clamping Unit

  • Larger space between tie-bars, suitable for larger and multi-cavity molds.
  • Longer and wider guide length, higher precision, improved product quality and mold working life.
  • Graphite-Copper bushes in Tie-Bar, slider movable platen ensures fast and precise mold close and open.
  • Better designed mechanical structure and toggle system for faster cycle time and improved production efficiency.
  • European type Ejector System.
  • Spacios structure design for upgrades and retrofits.
  • Rigid platen and mechanical systems ensures longer machine life.

Injection Unit

  • Injection unit with dual precise linear guide rails, ensuring the best precision and fast speed
  • Dual carriage cylinders improve a better injection precision
  • No welding, Adaptor design ensures easier maintenace and repairs
  • Upturning designed nozzle cover make production and maintenance easier
  • Imported high quality SKD61 material ring, cone and plunger; lots of screw design can meet different plastic materials and special processing injection molding needs
injection unit
hydraulic unit

Hydraulic Unit

  • Standard precise and energy saving Servo Motor System, energy saving capacity can reach to 20%-80% than traditional injection machine.
  • Hydraulic parts from reputed brands ensure machine’s reliability and fast response time.
  • Visible and dischargeable oil tank, easy for hydraulic maintenance.
  • Modular adaptor valve blocks, hydraulic circuit and functions make upgrade and maintenance easy.
  • Self-sealed magnetic suction filter, makes machine’s maintenance more convenient.
  • Logical distribution of pump oil suction port, oil drain and hydraulic pipe fittings makes maintenance easier.
  • German DIN standard hydraulic pipe fitting with seal, G screw thread style plug to avoid oil seepage.

Electrical Unit

  • Electric parts from reputed brands
  • High quality large colour screen controller with multiple languages
  • Standard equipped LED three-colour tower light with alarm, ensures clear visibility of machine status on shop floor
  • Modernized network management function available
  • Water-proof rubber seal used on electric cabinet ensure high safety
  • Machine program according to CE safety standard.
electrical unit