Futech Participation in IPF, Japan in Collaboration with MATSUDA

Futech’s participation in IPF 2023, Japan in collaboration with MATSUDA, a leading injection Molding machine manufacturer in Japan.

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The Year 2023, 75th year of independence - Indian companies are pushing their limits aggressively in the urge to innovate new solution for the global market. Futech injection Molding machines is also among one of the companies gaining a steep growth curve with its new vision and leadership style. Futech is now targeting new innovations and solutions for the global plastic industry along with the mass production of high efficiency standard injection Molding machines.

Marketing on Global Platforms:

Futech Machinery Private Limited is now clear with the vision to get access to global markets including Middle East and most Asian Countries. Expanding the manufacturing capabilities Futech is now among the Top 10 Largest injection Molding manufacturers of India. Futech has a capacity of producing 800 Machines every Year in their existing plant and building more and more possibilities out of the resources. Futech recently participated in International Plastic Fair IPF 2023 in Tokyo, Japan which is valuable milestone for developing the global Asian Market. Futech Machinery also Plans to participate in Middle-east Exhibitions for exploring the new markets. Futech already holds a good presentation in South Asian Market including Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

IPF 2023, Tokyo

Yes, It’s right Futech is now available in Japan with Complete support with the most renowned manufacturer of Japan MATSUDA SEISHAKUSHO Co. This is new collaboration of both the companies for the understanding to develop the Japan market with a Indo-Japanese fusion of providing solution in Thermosetting and thermoplastic Moulding industry. For the Plastic component manufacturers in Japan it will be a new solution offering a very high efficiency production of their parts while reducing the investment cost, electrical cost and hence increasing the production ROI of the factories in Japan.

In the Booth of MATSUDA FUTECH in IPF the visitors witnessed the Latest FORZA FC-K and XENON Series machines which offered moulding solutions for both thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers. Now the MATSUDA FUTECH becomes the only company in Japan which offers complete solutions for Thermoplastic and thermoset polymers including all engineering plastics, Rubber, Backellite Moulding machine, Dough Molding machine, transfer injection Molding and various different press type machines. Also the Liquid Silicon rubber Molding solutions are offered by this collaboration.

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